Iron Mind 60 Day Challenge

Today is day 4 of the Iron Mind 60 Day Challenge by Rob Dial of the Motivation and Mindset podcast. To recap, the challenge is dictated by 6 pillars:

  • Work out for at least 45 minutes (intensive workouts, not something easy like walking)
  • Follow a diet plan of choice. Whatever it is, you must stick to it for the full 60 days.
  • No alcohol
  • Journal
  • Visualization
  • Take a cold shower

Nothing more, nothing less. Here is the real kicker: If you mess up, you have to go back to day 1 and restart the 60 days over again.

As of now, I feel good doing this. So far it has become apart of my daily routine. I think I enjoy it because it feels like it fills my day with something to do other than sitting around trying to figure out life out.

Although I don’t necessarily have diet plan I am following, I know that whenever I work out, I’m prone to eat more healthy. So I bought a lot of healthy ready-to-eat meals from Marks and Spencers (A UK grocery store) and eating these has really helped me stay on track.

So The first step to this challenge, he had us write out 1 specific goal we wanted as a result from the IM60C, and be as specific about those goals as possible. For my goal I wrote that I wanted to lose 1 pound a week for the next 8 weeks (60 days).

The next portion is the “Why” behind that. The reason for this is that when people have an emotional attachment to a goal it helps them be more persistent in achieving what they want. Then it helps you visualize what you want out of this challenge and what you look and feel like at the end of the 60 days.

My “why” is that I have struggled with my weight yo-yoing back and forth due to my past eating disorders. I want losing weight to be something that is accomplished by hard work through healthy means. I have come so far when it comes to my outlook on my body, life, and self talk. It took a lot of work to get to the point of having a healthy relationship with myself. Now I see dieting and exercising as self care rather than doing whatever it takes to be skinny. So my “why” goes beyond aesthetics. Along with losing the weight via diet and exercise, I will have more energy, feel good, and be able to be more productive. When I work out on a routine, I feel like everything else tends to fall into place. Just like I said earlier, I tend to naturally eat healthily when I work out.

As far as Journaling and Visualization goes, he made a video to give some insight. The goal of journaling is to become more self aware of what we are doing in our daily life, and the habits/mind sets we have developed since childhood that hold us back from accomplishing goals. So he talks about asking questions to help problem solve those areas in your life. Start by asking yourself “What do I want in ________?”. That blank can be anything from relationships to business to your bank account to family… whatever topic is pulling at you to write about. Then go into the whos, whats, whys, whens, wheres and hows about that topic. So if we take a topic like bank account, fill in the blank and answer the question, then get as specific as you possibly can.

You can also find that “#1” thing that in your life that either is holding you back, a habit you need to break, a habit you need to create, a thing you can do to make it easier to reach your goal, the obstacles that get in the way, ect., ect… basically what ever topic is on your mind. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a problem area in your life and dig deep into how to solve it and what steps you can do to make your goals more achievable.

I feel like for me Journaling and visualization goes hand in hand. Once I write down whatever is on my mind with and help myself solve a “problem” area in my life, I take time to visualize everything about it, from what I can do today, what it feels like to do it, and what it feels like after that is done. Then, I visualize what the situation looks like 60 days from now. After I have a clearer mindset and vision, I go into prayer and pray to God to keep me focused on what I need to accomplish, not to stray away from the this challenge and to help me stay on his path to help me achieve everything he has in store for me. Lastly, I use my Calm app to do a meditation.

I tell you, it feels so refreshing to do this. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Lastly, I do a work out routine and take a cold shower. It may seem weird that taking a cold shower is on the list. I’ve heard from other sources other than just Rob talk about the health benefits of taking a cold shower. It helps stimulate your body and brain and make you feel more awake and energetic. I’m not a science-y person so I won’t go in to details about it or I’ll sound stupid. But there is plenty of research on Google.

So the health benefits is one reason. The other reason is because its something we don’t tend to want to do. When I say cold shower, I don’t mean lukewarm or room temp. I mean ICE COLD shower. Because it has it’s health benefits and because it is something most people don’t want to do is why he has it on the list. To make you really do something that you may not necissarily want to do, but is good for your body. Same with working out and dieting.

I suspect in a few weeks I’ll probably be over it. And in that case, Day 1, he had us write mission statement and a letter to ourselves. The mission statement is what we read when we wake up and before we sleep to remind us that this is what we are doing regardless of how we feel. Our letter is to read on the days we just want to give up or cheat. The mission statement should go into great details of what it is you are doing, your plan to get there and your “why”. The letter should contain your why and the emotional attachment to remind yourself why you are going through this. Here is what mine looks like:

Mission Statement

I, Amy Watson, Will be completing this 60 day challenge. I will finish the full 60 days so that I will become a healthier, stronger version of me with a clearer mindset for the future ahead. I am doing this for the people in my life who depend on me, as well as my future clients and family who will need me in good physical and mental health. For the next 8 weeks, my goal is to lose 1 pound a week. I will do this by working out for 45 intensive minutes. this includes but is not limited to: Blogilates Summer Sculpt Series, running on the track, and preparing for my PT assessment.

I know it’s past the due date to sign up for this challenge, but if you really want to try it out I highly recommend it. I’m sure I’ll run into some challenges along the way, but I’ll update you weekly on how I’m doing

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